almost a PB minnow

I nearly beat my PB minnow today, I’ve had a bigger one from this river before but this is the largest I have a picture of. I also caught  my first ever minnow on a lure.


2 thoughts on “almost a PB minnow

  1. Minnow on a lure? Impressive, can I ask what kind of minnow, how big or small was it, and what kind and size of lure? I’ve tried to think how lures could be included into micro fishing but can’t get past the weight issue. Either it’s to light to cast or to heavy to present naturally without it sinking suddenly. I haven’t spent to much time working on coming up with a workable lure though.

  2. Hi CC!

    The minnow was phoxinus phoxinus, the only fish over here that it actually refered to as a minnow. The lure it was caught on was a 1cm red imitation maggot carolina rigged on a no16 hook and slowly retreived along the bottom.. Weight isn’t really a problem for me as my ultralight lure rod is rated to cast 0.5-7g and has a solid carbon tip for showing those tiny bites. The lure I used wasn’t scented but I’m sure a scented lure like gulp would work even better.

    Good luck and tight lines,


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