Where did all the bleak go?

I’ve been trying to catch a bleak for the whole of this year, I’ve fished every single river I’ve been able o in three diferent countries bt to no avail. There is one spot on the river bure where you couln’t leave your bait in the water for more than two seconds before you caught a bleak, but now I just cant find any.


So, the most common and easy to catch micro in England evades the Hugbot for now, but when I find them, they don’t stand a chance…

micro-sport fishing rods


Pretty neat idea I think, would be great for small fish off docks or dropping a bait down from a canoe. A bit out of my price range for a micro rod though! I’ve been experimenting with short ice-style rods for micros, once I’ve got a good prototype built I’ll show you all.

Be back tommorow

I just thought I’d let everyone know why I haven’t been posting for the last few weeks, I’ve been on holiday by the sea in norfolk and I’ve manager to squeeze in loads of fishing. Full report and photos will come as soon as possible and I can tell you now there is plenty to report! I even got a few stone loaches.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi there, I’m completely new to this Blogging thing so please excuse me if this doesn’t work out too smoothly for the first few posts.

I hope to enlighten the rest of the angling community on the many joys of micro fishing, watch this space for updates and trip reports!

thanks for visiting.


the sort of fish I like to catch