About Micro Fishing

Micro fishing is catching small fish, whether they are juveniles of larger fish or species that don’t get very big as adults. But why woud you micro fish? some people will do it just to catch bait, others for their lifelist, but some people, including me, do it just for the fun! Micro fishing uses skills that can be transfered to other areas of fishing, for example stealth, you will have to be very stealthy when approaching small fish and it makes you realise just how important this skill is.

Micro fishing is also a great way to get the kids into the sport, as the gear doesn’t need to be over-complicated and the action can be instant at times. when you start chasing micros you will want to explore places you would have never even thought about fishing before you were infected, like that ditch by the side of the road or the drainage pond behind the supermarket. The gear is so simple and light that it makes micro fishing the ideal thing to do on holiday when you can only bring a short, telescopic pole and a few rigs in your pocket.

Have Fun!


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