Not so micro catches…

today I fished a different river to last time and I had my sights set on some of the large brown trout that inhabit this river and also a stickleback smaller than a one penny coin, almost certainly the ultimate challenge for any micro fisher! I saw plenty of small sticklebacks under 1″ swimming about in the roots of the trees lining the bank,  but they were too small to get a good enough hookup. I ended up catching plenty of small to medium sized dace and roach on the rod I wanted to catch a trout on, here are some photos of the fish.

I then caught a nice brown trout that I estimated to be around 11-12″ long, but it squirmed out of my hands and fell back into the water, thankfully I hadn’t unhooked it yet so I tried to bring it back in for attempt number two but the end of my rod got snagged in a tree and the fish came loose.

then as i was packing up I found this rather funky looking catapillar seeking refuge in the seam of my bag!

Overall it was a very enjoyable trip despite the fact I didn’t get my target 20″ trout and one penny stickleback. watch this space as I will be able to get out fishing quite a bit in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “Not so micro catches…

    • I too love the colours on roach, the contrast between the dazzling irredecsent scales and the vivid orange fins and eyes is really beatiful, I really wish it had been brighter when I took these photos so you could see them in all their glory. a big roach really is quite a sight, the biggest one I have had hit a maggot when I was reeling it in and was about 2 pounds, a nice fish but nothing compared to the record which is over 4 pounds! they very often hybridize with rudd and bream which can make indentification very difficult. Dace are also very pretty fish when they are dancing in the current in crystal clear streams, in some of the pictures I have of big dace you can barely see the fish because of all the dazzle and shine from the scales!



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