Minnows and a bonus trout.

Hi all,

I have been out today and last week to a local stream trying to catch micros, last week I had lots of minnows and a few sticklebacks as well, this week however, the river was swollen, coloured and the current was much fatser than usual. I started off fishing with my light micro rod and a very light rig, I missed a few bites and then lost a nice trout so I switched over to my 7ft spinning rod and a slightly heavier float rig.I lost another big brown trout and then managed to land this beautiful little specimen and then the action stopped from that area.


I then managed two minnows on the way back.

(note: the pictures from today came out very blurry so I’m using last weeks pictures. they are the same species from exactly the same rirver so your not missing anything special.)

The last fish is one of the two three spined sticklebacks that I caught that day.





Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Minnows and a bonus trout.

  1. Hi Hugo. Really enjoyed reading your blog…. I’m looking at trying to fish for some micro species to complete a species challenge but have never fished for anything that small before! I’m really exited about trying but literally have no idea how I’m going to do it!!! I’m in Essex so the stort at bishops stortford is perfect for me. Do you have any tips, hot spots you would share with me?
    Many thanks

    • Hey james, the stort in bishops stortford is great for sticklebacks and minnows (upstream of grange paddocks pool) butthere I plenty of spots on the area that would be worth a try for bullhead and a few other species, I’ll send you an email with a list if you want them.

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